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Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration (2023-2024)

A pooja was conducted to welcome Ganpati Bappa into the school.To bring in the fervour of Ganesh Festival, craft activities were conducted for students.
Students created beautiful wall hangings and decorated them with materials of their choice. They also made unique Ganesha using the quilling method. Young Eco-warriors made use of environment friendly materials like paper cups to create decorations for the festive season.

Founders’ Day Celebration (2023-2024)

Trinity International School celebrated Founders’ Day by paying glowing tribute to its founding fathers. A prayer song in sindhi sung by the secondary students invoked the blessing of God Jhulelal.The innocence and playfulness of God Krishna was depicted through a song in Hindi. A speech expressed reverence and gratitude towards the legendary pioneers of the school.

Satyanarayan Puja was conducted to invoke the blessing of Lord Vishnu.The whole school
reverberated with positive energy.

Independence Day Celebration (2023-2024)

The 77th Independence Day was celebrated at Trinity International School with great fervour.Mrs. Vinita D’Souza, the CEO Of Schools, hoisted the national flag in the school quadrangle with the teachers, staff and students in attendance. This was followed by singing of the National anthem.

A speech in English invoked a sense of pride about the contributions of ancient as well as modern India.The audience was reminded of India’s fight for freedom through the Hindi Speech. Through a speech in Marathi, the young minds were urged to be appreciative of the sacrifices of the great freedom fighters and to contribute to the nation’s growth. Students of the primary section showcased the global achievers of India through a roleplay. The event ended with choral singing of the national song ‘Vande Mataram’.

International Yoga Day (2023-2024)

Trinity International school observed the International Yoga Day to raise awareness about this ancient practice and celebrate the physical and spiritual prowess of Yoga. After learning the importance of Yoga, students also had the opportunity to practice it.
Students practiced meditation and learnt yoga postures like Dancers pose, Padmasana, Mountain pose, Sarvangasana Virabhadrasana, Dhanurasana, Suryabedi, Chandrabedi, Anulom-Vilom, Pranayam, etc.
Practicing Yoga truly enabled students to feel relaxed in their minds and bodies.

Maharashtra Day and International Labour Day Celebration (2022-2023)

Maharashtra Day and International Labour Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the premises of Trinity International School.

The programme commenced with a warm welcome of the audience who then joined together in the prayer song to invoke the blessings of God. The Officiating Administrative Officer, Mrs. Menuka Vijan then unfurled the national flag after which every one in attendance sang the National Anthem. 

The English, Hindi and Marathi speeches highlighted the history and significance of both Maharashtra Day and International Labour Day.

The programme came to a closure with singing of the National Song.

Makarsankranti Celebration (2022-2023)

Creative minds of std 1 to 7 celebrated Makar Sankranti through Craft activities.

Students of Grades 1 to 3 coloured Kite images using vibrant colours

Exquisite collage work by students of Grade 4

Grade 5 students made beautiful Kite – shaped wall hangings

Grade 6 students designedlovely Kite – shaped greeting cards

Students of Grade 7created Kites using paper.

Republic Day Celebration (2022-2023)

The Republic Day celebration commenced with a prayer song after which the Chief Executive Officer Mrs. Vinita D’souza unfurled the national flag followed by singing of the National Anthem in reverence of the moment. The audience were once again reminded of the relevance of the day and their duties as responsible citizens of the nation through the English, Hindi and Marathi speeches. The programme culminated with the singing of the patriotic song Vande Mataram.

Christmas Celebration (2022-2023)

Trinity International School dived with gusto into the spirit of Christmas with the class decoration competition for the secondary section which was based on Christmas movies. 

Each class showed exclusive creativity and efforts in making their class look the best. There was a tie between classes 6B and 7 who were winners in the Junior category while std 10 was adjudged the winner in the Senior category. 

The Christmas party followed  where students played games and danced to happy tunes. The essence of Christmas came alive as Christmas Carols were sung and Santa Claus himself went into the classes distributing chocolates.  

The delightful celebration came to an end with the distribution of snack boxes and exchanging greetings of the season.

Children's Day Celebration (2022-2023)

‘Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.’

The celebration of Children’s Day, commenced with the school assembly in which Ms. Sarah Murzello spoke about the importance of childhood. Students reminisced about their childhood as some of them shared their experience of their first day in school.

The celebrations continued in the classrooms where students played fun games like Four Corners, Childhood Memories, Passing the parcel, Musical Chairs, etc. organised by their respective class teachers. They also watched videos through which they learnt important values and also the history of Children’s Day.

Diwali Celebration (2022-2023)

To celebrate the festival of Lights, Trinity International School held a Diwali party for the students.

The day commenced with the Rangoli Competition. Enthusiastic participants decorated their classrooms with beautifully designed rangolis using flowers and eco-friendly colours.

Music and games conducted by class teachers added fun to the radiant environment. Students were distributed snacks boxes and the day ended with Diwali wishes being exchanged.

Winners of Rangoli Competition

Std I & II
1st :
Balasubramanian Mangalam
– Std II A
2nd :
Varshika  Donipala
– Std I B
3rd :
Sachi  Keny
– Std I A
Std III & IV
1st :
Tithi  Gurav
– Std IV A
2nd :
Shauryan  Palli
– Std IV B
3rd :
Anvee  Subhedar
– Std III A
Std V – VII
1st :
Vaidehi  Kulkarni
– Std VI A
2nd :
Aseempreet Kaur  Singh
– Std VI B
3rd :
Aarya  Patil
– Std VII
1st :
Radha  Gandhi
– Std VIII
2nd :
Ruchi  Keny
– Std VIII
3rd :
Krupa  Sutar
– Std IX

Joy Of Giving (2022-2023)

‘The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowed in prayer’

To encourage students to spread joy by giving back to the community, Trinity International School organises the ‘Joy of Giving week’ every year.

This year’s contributions made by the students and staff in the form of food items, stationery, clothes and money were distributed to various organisations like Sparsh, St. Catherine and Cardinal Gracias Destitutes Home.

CEO, Mrs. Vinita D’Souza along with a few teachers and students visited the Sparsh Training Centre for distribution of the items. Our students enthusiastically there interacted with the children who were overwhelmed by the handmade greeting cards given to them. Mrs. Sarika Desai, Founder Executive Director, gave an overview about the working of the organization through a PPT presentation.

It was a meaningful opportunity for students to be sensitized towards those in need and also be grateful for their own priveleges.

Annual Day (2022-2023)

Trinity International School organised its Annual Day this year on 25th September 2022.

The celebration commenced with a Prayer Dance dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. It was followed by enthralling dance performances like Manmouji Koli, Folk dance, Bangra, Bollywood mashup and Antakshari depicted various cultures. Heartwarming dances like Common Wealth Games, Incredible India and Shabaash India filled the audience with pride. An appreciation for Covid warriors was displayed through the performance ‘Back to normal life’. The English skit celebrated 75 years of Independence making the audience relive the journey from the freedom struggle to the achievements of the recent years.

The performances bore witness to the efforts put in by the teachers. The CEO Mrs. Vinita D’Souza gave away Educational Aid to deserving pupils. The highlight of the evening was the felicitation of std.10 pupils scoring the highest marks in IGCSE examination of 2021-2022.

The programme ended with a rocking performance by std 9 and 10 students followed by singing of the National Anthem.

Ganpati Celebration (2022-2023)

To celebrate the Ganesh Festival, craft activities were conducted for students of Grades 1 to 7.

Students of grades 1 and 2 showed exceptional creativity by making idols of Lord Ganesha using paper cups. While students of grades 3 and 4 made crowns for Lord Ganesha, grades 5 and 6 made beautiful necklaces and umbrellas. Students of grade 7 made decorations for Lord Ganesha using eco-friendly materials.

A special programme was also conducted over the relay system to mark the celebrations.

75th Independence Day (2022-2023)

Mrs. Vinita D’souza, the Chief Executive Officer hoisted the national flag in the school quadrangle with the teachers, staff and students in attendance. The gathering proudly sang the National Anthem in veneration towards the national flag. Headmistress, Mrs. Mariamma Nair evoked a sense of pride in the audience through her speech as she enumerated the achievements of the country in the last 75 years.

The group song ‘Chodo Kal ki Baatein’ emboldened the audience to relinquish the angst of the past and look towards the bright future of the country.The audience reminisced India’s fight for freedom through the Hindi Speech given by Ms. Kalavati Rawat. Through her speech in Marathi, Mrs. Rakhi Ahire implored the audience to further their sincere contributions as citizens towards the development of the country. Nivaan Zodge (Class 5 A), Guhaan (Class 4 A), Meenakshi (Class 5B) and Tulip Pandey (Class 3 A) riveted the audience through their commendable performances as Shivaji Maharaj, Bhagat Singh, Sarojini Naidu and Rani of Jhansi, respectively. CEO, Mrs. Vinita D’souza, expressed her gratitude for the selfless sacrifices of the freedom fighters as well as the armed forces for protecting us today. CEO, Mrs. Vinita D’souza, expressed her gratitude for the selfless sacrifices of the freedom fighters as well as the armed forces for protecting us today.

International Yoga Day (2022-2023)

International Yoga Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the school premises.
Yoga sessions were conducted for the students during their P.T classes.
Students of the primary section learnt hand and leg stretching and postures like Talasana, Padhastana, Shashankasana, Bhujangasana and Astangasana.

Students of grades 7 and 8 too learnt some of the best postures like Rabit Posture, Namaskarasana, Bhujangasana, Cobra posture, Trikonasana, etc.
The sessions ended with meditation and breathing exercises like Anulom and Vilom.
The students had a wonderful time in the sessions and felt relaxed.

Tree Plantation Day (2022-2023)

Trinity International School celebrated the Tree Plantation Day.

Two students each from grades 5 to 9 participated in the tree plantation programme wherein they planted 13 saplings that are oxygen generating and need very less water and sunlight.

The school and students proudly contributed in the endeavor to a greener environment.

Maharashtra Day (2021-2022)

Trinity International School celebrated Maharashtra Day to commemorate the formation of our state on 1st May 2022.

The programme commenced with a welcome speech followed by a prayer song. The flag was then unfurled by the Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Vinita D’Souza after which everyone in attendance proudly sang the National Anthem. A brief overview about the history of the state, contribution of various people

leading to the formation of Maharashtra state and our role as people of this state to preserve and further enrich its culture was highlighted in the English, Hindi and Marathi speeches. The audience was encouraged to be responsible citizens by preserving the cultures and traditions of the state. The Chief Executive officer too addressed the audience and spoke about the importance of discipline and how each one of us has an important role to play in order to achieve greater heights for the nation.

The programme ended with singing of the National Song.