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Investiture Ceremony (2024-2025)

On June 29, 2024, Trinity International School held its Investiture Ceremony to formally induct the newly elected Student Council members. The ceremony began with the traditional lighting of the lamp and prayers.
The Principal, Mrs. Mariamma Nair delivered an inspiring speech, followed by Dr. Uma Narain, the Academic Advisor, who emphasized the significance of being a Student Council member and its impact on their future.
Led by Head Boy Vaibhav Singh and Head Girl Jhassitha Nadar, the Student Council members, House Captains, Primary Head Monitors, and Prefects of the four houses marched onto the stage, accompanied by their House Mistresses, to receive their badges and accept their new responsibilities.

The Head Girl administered the oath, promising to uphold their duties and demonstrate exceptional leadership. The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by Assistant Head Mrs.Amuda Justin, followed by the national anthem.
The Investiture Ceremony aimed to instill a sense of responsibility and commitment in the students, empowering them to become future citizens and change makers.

Student Council Election (2024-2025)

Trinity International School recently conducted a two-tiered procedure to induct the Student Council body for the academic year 2024-2025. For the first round, candidates for the positions of Captains from std.9 were carefully selected by teachers based on a variety of criteria. The selected candidates then addressed the pupils from stds.5 to 10, passionately urging their peers to support them and vote.
Students voted for the captains of their respective houses, marking the first step in the election process. Once the House Captains were elected and introduced, these newly appointed leaders along with the newly inducted group of prefects then cast their votes to elect the ‘Head Boy’ and ‘Head Girl’ for the school.

Science and Art @ school Summer Camp (2023-2024)

A journey of Science and Art at the school’s Summer Camp

Premier Education Society’s A.M.Kewakramani High School and Trinity International School, Sion (E), curated an exciting summer camp at Nehru Science Centre, Worli, and at its school campus to ignite scientific curiosity and theatrical talents among its students. Initiated for the first time, the Science camp witnessed the participation of around 40 students, while the theatre workshop had 35 enthusiastic young performers. There were several other workshops on the campus with over 200 entries.

Highlighting more about the event, Professor (Dr.) Uma Narain, Academics Advisor to Premier Education Society said, “In the classrooms, students learn abstract concepts. They must grasp them through hands-on experience, as well. So, we adopted a pedagogical strategy focusing on ‘learning by doing’ and complementing ‘learning by knowing’, thus bridging the fuzzy gap between theory and practical. Keeping in mind that Science engages our left brain while art and craft stimulate the right brain, we designed our summer camp to include both. This holistic approach ensures students not only understand concepts but also apply them in practice.

Professor Narain further elaborated, “This is the first year that we organised this conceptually rigorous summer camp and all the activities and courses were designed to make the curriculum come alive, making it a rare initiative. The camp includes students from Grades V to IX. We are delighted to see students learning while also enjoying the process of learning.”

Mr. Umesh Kumar Rustagi the Director Nehru Science Centre and Education Officer Mrs Manjula Yadav specifically designed these workshops for Premier Education Society. They included balloon rocket; hit me doll; static electricity butterfly; heatproof balloon; turmeric as an indicator for testing kitchen materials for acidity and alkalinity, making a chemical volcano; understanding the science of soap bubble; bubbles inside bubbles and many more. These activities were based on principals of Physics and Chemistry like Newton’s Laws, surface tension etc. There were also activates based on principals of Astronomy and Robotics. This intervention is sure to impact the academic performance of the students in future.

The theatre workshop was curated by Denzel Smith’s Theatre Group & Ms.Divya Jagdale within the school campus for five days where the students were trained in voice modulation, expression, tonality, enactment of concepts and situations and body language.

All the participants were awarded participation certificates.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    By-Lakshmy Pranesh

Q-Shala Qurious Quiz Competition [Std 4 to 8] (2023-2024)

The 2023-24 Q-shala sessions came to a close with the thrilling Q-shala Qurious Quiz Competition on March 6th, 2024. The competition was split into two groups, Grades 4 & 5 and Grades 6-8, and included rounds such as Potpourri, Topic, Connect, Image reveal, and Listing.
The enthusiastic audience was highly entertained by the show of logical reasoning and critical thinking skills by the participants. The program ended with a vote of thanks.

Q-Shala Session 6 [Std 4 to 8] (2023-2024)

Stress Management’ was the theme for this Qshala session, which focused on the importance of self-care and how to achieve it.
The primary learners used colours to relax and decompress, while the secondary learners learned breathing and relaxation techniques. The students put their critical thinking and analytical skills to the test as they worked their way through the clues to find the answers.

Q-Shala Session 5 [Std 4 to 8] (2023-2024)

The theme for this Qshala session , ‘Social Etiquette’ reinforced the need to be polite,considerate and kind.
Primary learners were given different scenarios and asked how they would respond. Critical thinking and analytical skills were put to test as they worked on the clues to arrive at the answers. Senior learners were asked to express their gratitude towards their teachers by writing a ‘thank you’ note.

Annual Exhibition (2023-2024)

On 27th January 2024, the students of Trinity International School proudly showcased their creativity and academic achievements at the annual exhibition. The exhibits spanned a wide
range of subjects, from art and craft to OMOTECH, and provided visitors with a glimpse into the students’ diverse talents and interests.
The parents were delighted by the level of innovation and detail evident in the projects, and were impressed by the students’ ability to explain their concepts in such a clear and engaging way.

The event was a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students, as well as the commitment of the school to provide an engaging and stimulating educational experience. The annual exhibition truly showcased the best of what Trinity International School has to offer. 

Farewell Party (2023-2024)

The Farewell Party for the outgoing batch of 2023-2024 was organised on 24th January 2024. The ‘Trinity Prom Party‘ was planned by std.9 pupils with great enthusiasm and creativity.
The students were welcomed with a dazzling dance performance by Std 9 students.The guests of the day were adorned with crowns that reflected their unique individual attributes. After a nostalgic review of their journey in school through a touching video, students enthusiastically engaged in fun games like ‘Stack the Cups’, ‘Complete the Lyrics’ and many more.

Academic Advisor-Premier Education Society, Mrs Uma Narain, conveyed her best wishes to the students and wished them success for all their future endeavours. After this, prizes were distributed to the academic achievers. Nikhil Sinha bagged prizes for being the academic topper in all subjects other than Hindi which was topped by Aman Ojha. Drish Makhija and Sajia Afroz were felicitated as the Best Outgoing Boy and Girl Pupils, respectively.
The party was a fitting celebration of the students’ school journey.
The programme ended with a vote of thanks followed by a sumptuous lunch.

Q-Shala Session 4 [Std 4 to 8] (2023-2024)

The theme for the fourth Q-shala session was ‘Recreation and its significance’ .The students were highly motivated to speak about their interests. The activities were designed to engage students of different ages and abilities, with each group exploring the theme in their own unique way.
Stds 4 and 5 solved a crossword based on the theme. Stds 6 and 7 recommended books that can be read by their peers. Std 8 students were actively involved in completing a story from the given prompt.

The questions and activities revolved around the theme of leisure time.The young explorers received a ‘Curiosity Kit’ which among other things contained a pencil with a seed in it. Learners were encouraged to sow the seed hence creating environmentally responsible future citizens.
At the end of the session,all the students became aware of hobbies being an important part of one’s life.

Annual Sports Day (2023-2024)

‘Nothing else has the power to unite people quite like sports.’ This sentiment was vividly witnessed on the occasion of Trinity International School’s Annual Sports Meet 2023-24.
Eager students, teachers, and parents gathered in unity for a prayer, seeking the blessings of the almighty. Subsequently, the March Past Squads, led by the Head Boy, Head Girl, and House Captains, marched in synchronisation to take the oath.

Mrs. Mariamma Nair, the Principal, officially opened the Annual Sports Meet, paving the way for breathtaking performances. Many display events such as Hula Hoop, Aerobics, Yoga, Taekwondo showcased the flexibility and strength of the young athletes. The audience was captivated by the students’ astounding displays in various races, including Bunny and Rabbit Race,Block Building , Flat Race, Hop Race, One-Legged Races and Book Balancing. The Relay races raised the temperature as it was a tough neck to neck competition between the houses.
The grand finale featured the distribution of medals and certificates to the victorious participants, with Jai Lodha and Aarya Patil earning the titles of ‘The Best Boy Athlete’ and ‘The Best Girl Athlete’, respectively. Cheers echoed as the Blue house was announced as the overall winner for the academic year.
The day’s success was a testament to the collaborative efforts of students, teachers, and parents.

No Bag Day (2023-2024)

“The fifth No Bag Day at Trinity International School was a day filled with laughter,excitement, and valuable life lessons.
The day began on a delicious note as the whole school participated in the no-fire cooking competition,’Masterchef’.Following this, the primary students made beautiful torans using
different shapes. The simple static electricity experiment left them amazed and they also solved puzzles about continents and angles.

Secondary students explored robotics(making traffic lights) and cloud computing. They became aware of the ecosystem as they made charts about the food web of different species. The senior secondary students attended a UniVariety career counselling session where they were exposed to different streams of study after school.From the importance of saving the environment to the rise of artificial intelligence,the Global Perspectives challenges gave opportunities to the students to become aware of the local as well as global scenarios.This day ensured that not only learning but also skill development happened through fun,discovery and exploration.

Masterchef (2023-2024)

The ‘Masterchef Competition’ (fireless cooking) at Trinity International School was a great way to teach students about the importance of healthy cooking. It was wonderful to see the students get creative and prepare nutritious dishes like sprout chat, sushi, and salads. They spoke confidently with the judges about the health benefits of the dishes they had prepared. The event not only enhanced the students’ cooking skills, but also boosted their confidence and creativity.

Q-Shala Session 3 [Std 4 to 8] (2023-2024)

The theme for the third Q-shala session was ‘Spatial Awareness’ .The students were immersed in thought-provoking sessions about awareness of their surrounding. The activities were designed to engage students of different ages and abilities, with each group exploring the theme in their own unique way.

Std. 4 students measured objects in the classroom to learn about physical space.Stds. 5 and 6 drew beautiful sceneries to show their awareness of space around them. Stds. 7 and 8 students shared their insight on how virtual space has transformed the way we connect with the world around them.
By the end of the sessions, all the students had gained a deeper understanding of the concept of space and how it shapes our world.

Gokulashtami Activity [Grades 1 to 7] (2023-2024)

Students of Std 1 made and decorated crowns for Lord Krishna while Std 2 students created flutes using card and chart papers. Students of stds 3 and 4 decorated photos of Lord Krishna using varied materials.
Cradles with different materials were made by std 5 students whereas clay pots were decorated by std 6 students. Students of std 7 created wall art by drawing pictures of lord Krishna using lipan art.
The articles created by the students showcased their creativity and imagination.

Q-Shala Session 2 [Std 4 to 8] (2023-2024)

The theme for the second Q-shala session was interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Current affairs and general topics related to the theme were covered via quiz, activities and videos.
Stds. 4 and 5 were shown how to use hand gestures and facial expression to convey emotions. Stds. 6,7 and 8 students had deep meditation sessions where they reflected on their own thought processes and their own strengths and weaknesses.They were also encouraged to use positive affirmations.

The entire session helped the learners to explore different ways of expression and sharing their thoughts and emotions.

No Bag Day (2023-2024)

The fourth No Bag Day was a day of excitement, enrichment and exhilaration for the learners.
The primary section students participated in a recitation competition, attended a session on
table etiquettes, solved a math puzzle on shapes and worked as a group to crack a puzzle
about computer parts.The young learners also created a collage with national symbols and
worked on their linguistic skills as they had fun learning new vocabulary.

The secondary section students were deeply engrossed in activities like robotics, tessellation and running dictation. A session on forensics opened new avenues for the high school learners. 
The learners enhanced their blogging skills in an enriching session. Scientific knowledge, teamwork and time management was put to test as the learners were engaged in solving a Science puzzle.
The hands-on engaging activities ensured that the learners developed the Cambridge learners attributes of being confident, responsible, reflective, and innovative.

Hindi Singing and Radio Jockey Competition
[Secondary Section] (2023-2024)

An Inter-House Hindi Patriotic Singing Competition was organised for classes V,VI and VII.
The students sang the songs with a lot of passion and patriotic feeling exhibiting their mastery over voice modulation, pitch and tone.
Students of classes VIII and IX took on the role of radio jockeys and entertained the
audience by demonstrating commendable ‘on-air performance’ and audience engagement.
The message to cherish our great country was conveyed with great confidence.

Winners of Hindi Singing and Radio Jockey Competition

1st : Aarush Jadhav – Std VIII 2nd : Saksham Kanojia – Std VIII 3rd : Angelina Godwin – Std IX

Hindi Poetry Recitation Competition
[Primary Section] (2023-2024)

‘Poetry is the core of literature.’
A Hindi poetry recitation competition was held for primary students where students were given the theme of ‘Happiness’. With great confidence and beautiful expressions pupils presented their poems. Their recitations left everybody spellbound.

Winners of  Hindi Poetry Recitation  Competition

Std I & II
1st : Veronica  Devendra – Std II B 2nd : Khushal Koli – Std II A 3rd : Jiana Kothari – Std II B
Std III & IV
1st : Tulip Dubey – Std IV A 2nd : Anshu Jawale – Std IV B 3rd : Shreyash Raj – Std III B

No Bag Day [Pre-Primary Section] (2023-2024)

No Bag Day observed in the pre-primary section was an array of activities that instilled awareness about road safety,kindled appreciation for the rainy season and created inquisitiveness about the life cycle of a butterfly.

Counselling Session for Parents
[Secondary Section] (2023-2024)

A counselling session for parents of Secondary pupils was organised at Trinity International School. The topic was ‘Digital Detox and its effect on Mental Health’. The session focused upon the impact of overuse of digital mediums on cognitive and emotional developments.

The facilitator, Ms. Akshata Sawant, empowered the parents with steps to be taken to curb the negative influence on young minds. She reinforced the importance of communication as a tool for intervention.
The session ended with a question and answer session where parents shared their concerns and clarified doubts.

Counselling Session For Parents
[Pre-Primary and Primary Section] (2023-2024)

A counselling workshop for parents of primary pupils was organized at Trinity International School. It focused upon ‘The Importance of Handling Emotions’ for developing better learning outcomes and a balanced overall development of children.

The facilitator, Ms. Akshata Sawant , shared various strategies with parents like verbalising emotions and practising mindfulness, and stressed the importance of role modelling and positive reinforcements.
The session ended with a question and answer segment where parents shared concerns and clarified doubts.

Good Touch and Bad Touch
[Pre-Primary Section] (2023-2024)

Awareness of The concept of ‘Good Touch’ and ‘Bad Touch’ was introduced to the tiny tots of pre-primary using a video and role play.This helped our little ones to recognise,safeguard and protect themselves from such dangers from an early age.This was followed by a worksheet where they differentiated between good and bad touch.

Quizania [Secondary Section] (2023-2024)

With an aim to kindle the quest for knowledge, Trinity International school organised a Quiz Competition, ‘Quizania’ on 22nd July 2023 for the secondary section students. The questions tested their literary skills, numerical prowess and knowledge about science and the world around them. The competition comprised four rounds namely: Visual, Language Prowess, Audio and Buzzer. 

The participants exhibited exceptional collaboration and communication as they worked as a team. The audience was also actively involved as the Quizmaster quizzed them intermittently. The Blue House won will flying colours.

  Winners of  Quizania Competition

Blue House

Kahan Oja – Std V B

Aditya Nadar – Std VI

Meenakshi Rawat – Std VII A

Grishma Alva – Std VIII

Luv Akula – Std IX

No Bag Day (2023-2024)

The third No Bag Day was a day for the learners to engage in an array of carefully crafted hands-on activities.
The primary section students explored the need for healthy eating, made thank you cards for parents and made clay models of birthday objects.The learners had fun adding and subtracting while playing the ‘Twist Game’. They also worked on their language prowess as they were engaged in a vocabulary game.
The secondary section students were actively engaged in activities like quiz, anagrams and geo-board . A circuit training ensured that the learners are physically fit. House meeting of the four houses was conducted where the roles and responsibilities of the house members were discussed and explained.
The activities ensured that the learners are working towards being team players, responsible individuals and lifelong seekers of knowledge.

Spell Bee Competition [Primary Section] (2023-2024)

‘Learning a language is the foremost step in the life of a child as it helps him/her to communicate with the world’
With an aim to enhance the vocabulary of the students, Trinity International school organised the Spell Bee competition on 8th July 2023 for the Primary section students.
The competition, comprised of three rounds namely: Select the correct spelling, Guess me and Rapid-Fire Round. It encouraged the students to unleash their spelling potentials.
The students showcased excellent collaboration and team spirit, battling their minds for their respective houses. 

  Winners of  Spell Bee Competition

Blue House

Savvar  Kumar – Std I A

Modit Soni – Std II B

Uttara Gandhi  – Std III B

Anvee Subhedar – Std IV A


No Bag Day (2023-2024)

The second No Bag Day celebration allowed our students to engage in various activities that promoted creativity, responsibility, and cultural appreciation. 

The primary section students participated in quizzes and watched videos related to table manners and health and hygiene and then had an exciting time telling stories with origami and making warli bookmarks and cards. 

The secondary section students were actively engaged in activities like creating jingles, poetry recitation, upcycling, making comic strips and practicing lezim. 

The activities provided a platform for self-expression and eco-consciousness, enhancing lyrical prowess and encouraged teamwork.

It was an exciting and enriching experience for our students.

Investiture Ceremony (2023-2024)

To inculcate a sense of responsibility and commitment in our students, Trinity International school held the Investiture ceremony on 30th June 2023 for the newly elected Student Council members.

The ceremony commenced with the prayers after which the Headmistress, Mrs. Mariamma Nair, addressed the audience with her invigorating speech.
The Student Council members led by the Head Boy- Drish Makhija, followed by the Head Girl- Sajia Shaikh, House Captains, Prefects and Monitors of the four houses marched towards the stage with their House Mistresses to receive their badges and accept the mantle of responsibility.

They then took the Oath administered by the Head Girl, promising to fulfil the duties conferred upon them and showcase exemplary leadership.

The ceremony then culminated with a Vote of thanks by the Supervisor, Mrs. Amuda Justin followed by the national anthem.

Q-Shala Session 1 [Std 4 to 8] (2023-2024)

The first Q-shala session of this academic year was based on World Environment Day wherein current affairs and general topics related to the environment were covered via quiz, activities and videos.

Std 4 and 5 students showed how they would want to beat plastic pollution by listing better alternatives for things made of plastic. After watching a video on how plastic is affecting the marine life, students of Std 6 played ‘Object Audit’ wherein they identified things made of plastic.

Std 7 students showed great creativity as they designed dresses to encourage sustainable fashion. Students of Std 8 learnt about the 4Rs of Waste Management after which they participated in ‘This or that’ activity, thus learning about how sustainable choices can help protect the environment.

The entire session created an awareness of man-made global catastrophe and made the students more conscious of their actions towards the environment.

No Bag Day (2023-2024)

Trinity International School observed ‘No Bag Day’ on 21st June 2023 to give students a joyful learning experience. 

Activities like reading, story telling, quiz, watching Ted Talks and movies, podcasts, quizzes, etc. were organised. Students also got an opportunity to showcase their creativity through activities like hand printing, collage work, poster making, origami, designing a costume, making a bird feeder, etc. conducted for different classes. 

Everyone was actively engaged throughout the day.

Univariety Session On ‘Right Subject Selection’
[Std 8 and 9] (2022-2023)

Univariety session was organised for parents and students of Grades 8 and 9 to provide a guidance about right subject selection. The session also gave them an insight into various careers available in different fields as well as upcoming career options. An in-depth discussion was held on stepwise process in choosing the right fields and roadblocks to selection of careers.
Students and parents received further clarity as the speaker busted some myths related to career choices and resolved their queries.

Q-Shala Qurious Quiz Competition
[Grades 4 to 8] (2022-2023)

The Q-shala sessions for the academic year 2022-23 culminated with the Q-shala Qurious Quiz competition held on 9th March 2023.

The competition, divided into two groups i.e. Grades 4 – 6 and Grades 7 – 8, was integrated into different rounds like Potpourri, Topic, Connect, Image reveal and Listing.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the competition as enthusiastic participants showcased their logical reasoning and critical thinking abilities. The programme ended with a vote of thanks administered by the HeadMistress.


Winners of the Competition:


Grades 4 to 6

Grades 7 and 8

Q-Shala Session 10 [Grades 4 to 8] (2022-2023)

The last Q-shala session was filled with fun round of activities and questions that were thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

While students of Grades 4 and 5 enthusiastically participated in ‘Spot the difference activity’,


Grade 6 students expressed how they would handle given situations.


Students of Grades 7 and 8 noted their responses for questions asked in the final round on the OMR sheets.

Q-Shala Session 9 [Grades 4 to 8] (2022-2023)

Students not only gained knowledge about a range of topics but also enhanced their logical and critical thinking skills during the seventh Q-shala session.


Questioning round for Grade 4 enabled them to learn about the Gregorian calendar, Cadbury dairy milk company, Times magazine, etc.

Grade 5 students engaged in the vocabulary activity – identifying English meanings of words given in foreign languages.


Students of std 6 and 7 enhanced their lateral thinking skills as they decoded common phrases and connected clues to identify the answer.


Grade 8 learnt the power of choice through an activity wherein they used reasoning to make appropriate decisions on behalf of the characters shown in various comic strips.

Talent In Hindi [Grades 1 to 9] (2022-23)

A wonderful opportunity was provided for the students to showcase their proficiency in the Hindi language through various competitions that also enabled them to build confidence and enhance their oratory skills.

Poetry Recitation by Std 1 and 2 based on the theme ‘Festivals’


Std 3 and 4 students speaking about their positive personality traits depicted in their ‘Personality Masks’

‘News Presentation’ on various topics by students of Grades 5 to 7

‘Commentary’ on videos by students of Std 8 and 9

Winners of  Talent in Hindi Competition

Poetry Recitation Competition:
Std I & II
1st : Sudikshit  Khamrui – Std II A 2nd : Raj Shreyash – Std II B 3rd : Rudra Pandey – Std I A
Personality Mask Competition :
Std III & IV
1st : Tulip Dubey – Std III A 2nd : Tvisha Keny – Std III A 3rd : Riddhi Chauhan – Std IV B
News Presentation Competition:
1st : Niva Damania – Std VI A 2nd : Anudeep Kumar – Std VI B 3rd : Saksham Kanojia – Std VII
Commentary Competition:
1st : Khushi Sharma – Std VIII 2nd : Dhrish Makhija – Std IX 3rd : Jay Lodha – Std IX

Q-Shala Session 8 [Grades 4 to 8] (2022-2023)

Through the 8th round of Q-shala session, students acquired knowledge about a wide range of topics.


While Grade 4 expressed how they would show empathy in the given situations, Grade 5 answered questions related to social responsibility.


After learning about Household budget students of grade 6 and 7 had fun guessing proverbs based on shown images.

Grade 8 keenly learnt some recipes i.e., strategies of Money management.


Q-Shala Session 7 [Grades 4 to 8] (2022-2023)

The seventh round of Q-shala session was a blend of logical reasoning, critical thinking and scientific enquiry questions.

Questions based on the theme ‘Resourcefulness’ was followed by the Bingo game, through which the grade 4 students were tested on questions answered in the previous sessions.


Students of grade 5 guessed the food brands based on their labels and then played Pictionary wherein each group took turns deciphering the word based on the pictures drawn by their team mate.

Grade 6 students answered several questions based on the theme ‘Conscious innovation’.

While Grade 7 students developed understanding of Cryptic messages and Morse code, students of Grade 8 answered questions based on Self Awareness and engaged in Dream tree activity noting down their dreams in it.


Annual Exhibition (2022-2023)

The Annual Exhibition was held in the school premises of Trinity International School on 28th of January 2023. The purpose and concepts represented in the projects ranging from Art and Craft to Robotics and Academic subjects were explained in detail by the students. The parents were enthralled at the students’ creativity and were all praises for the efforts showcased through the projects.

Farewell Party (2022-2023)

The ‘Trinity Oscar Award’ party organised on 17th January 2023 to bid farewell to the outgoing batch of 2022-23, proved to be a grand success.

After a nostalgic review of their journey in school through a PowerPoint presentation, students of std.10 enthusiastically engaged in a fun round of games like Chocolate challenge, Make a Pyramid, Burst the balloons, etc.

The Head of School, Mrs. Vinita D’souza, HeadMistress, Mrs. Mariamma Nair and Supervisor, Mrs. Amuda Justin conveyed their best wishes to the students and encouraged them to continue their journey with great endeavours after which prizes were distributed to the academic achievers. While Shlok Tahiliani bagged prizes for being the academic topper in all subjects, Chaitanya Padhye and Akshaya V. were felicitated as the Best Outgoing Boy and Girl Pupils, respectively.

The programme ended with a vote of thanks.

Computer Competition [Primary Section] (2022-2023)

‘Little Designer’ a technology based competition was held for stds.1 to 4.

Students designed Christmas caps and Christmas trees, E-greetings and Invitation cards using MS Paint.

Unique designs were creatively showcased by pupils . 

Winners of Computer Competition

Std I & II
1st :
Naviya Saw
– Std II B
2nd :
Sachi Keny
– Std I A
3rd :
Sudikshit Khamrui
– Std II A
Std III & IV
1st :
Guhan Gabriel
– Std IV A
2nd :
Shauryan Palli
– Std IV B
3rd :
Darshan Bohra
– Std III B

Q-Shala Session 6 [Grades 4 to 8] (2022-2023)

The sixth round of Q-shala Sessions helped students develop their critical thinking and logical reasoning skills while also partaking in some interesting activities.

While students of Grade 4 presented boring items creatively using different perspectives through the game ‘Aao twist karo’, Grade 5 students learnt some basic dance routines through warm-up neck, shoulder, hip and knee exercises. Grade 6 discussed some ways to get better at being organised, time management skills, etc. while Grade 7 solved jigsaw puzzles to guess famous personalities. Grade 8 learnt the importance of integrity and had fun in the rapid fire round based on visualisation.

The students showed great team work and collaboration in the session.

Science Exhibition Competition [Secondary Section] (2022-2023)

‘To encourage critical thinking and problem solving, Trinity International school held a Science Competition for the Secondary section based on the themes ‘Earth Scienceand ‘Mental Health’. The projects which were exhibited on 8th December 2022 were judged on the basis of novelty, social applicability, cost effectiveness, user friendliness, etc. The unique and creatively presented ideas were appreciated by all.

Winners of  Science Exhibition Competition

1st : Mackenzie  Christopher – Std VI A 2nd : Suravi  Shanbhag – Std V A 3rd : Aarya  Patil – Std VII
1st : Vihaan  Andhari – Std VIII 2nd : Hridaan  Jhaveri – Std IX 3rd : Dhrish  Makhija – Std IX

Talent Show (2022-2023)

One of the most awaited events of the year, the ‘Talent Show’ for Pre-primary and Primary departments finally arrived.

The programme commenced with a Prayer song followed by the Prayer Dance performed in reverence to the deities to invoke their blessings.A pleasant reception through a welcome song was followed by astounding performances. 

From foot-tapping Action song to a swinging Rock the Party dance, from celebrating India’s glory in the Common Wealth games to saluting the spirit of patriotism through Shabash India and from lauding the cultures and colors of our country through a Folk Dance to acknowledging the power of values and relationships through ‘We are a Family’, this programme had it all. The audience was then addressed by the CEO, Mrs. Vinita D’Souza who spoke about the school’s and pupils’ achievements in the last academic year and appreciated everyone for the tremendous efforts.

The gracefully performed Garbha and Musical Feet dance brought the programme to a grand closure.

Annual Sports Day (2022-2023)

‘Sports can bring people together as nothing else can.’
This quote indeed proved to be true during the Annual Sports Meet 2022-23 celebration of Trinity International School.

Enthusiastic students, teachers and parents joined together in prayer to invoke the blessings of the almighty after which the March Past Squads led by The Head boy, Head Girl and House Captains, synchronously marched forward to take the oath. The Annual Sports meet was then declared open by the HeadMistress, Mrs. Mariamma Nair, followed by spectacular displays of the Hula Hoop, Aerobics, Yoga, Taek-won-do, etc. The audience was left enthralled at the mind-blowing performances of the students in the varied number of races like Arranging the block, Getting ready for school, Flat Race, Hop Race, Kangaroo and One-legged races, Book balancing, Relays, etc.

The event came to an end with the distribution of medals and certificates to the winners. Anudeep Singh and Tuba Khan bagged the Best Boy Athlete and Best Girl Athlete awards respectively. The ground was filled with loud cheers as Yellow house was declared the overall winner.

The day was a great success owing to the tremendous efforts of all students, teachers and parents.

Save The Soil Workshop (2022-23)

‘Soil is the soul of the Earth and it is important to conserve it.’ To sensitize our students about the growing concern of soil depletion, Trinity International school invited the teenager cyclist and promoter of the Save Soil movement, Mr. Sahil Jha to conduct a workshop for our students of the Secondary section.

After a warm welcome by the host, the Conscious Planet team and Mr. Sahil Jha, commenced the workshop by playing a video song encouraging the students to become a conscious generation.

Sahil Jha then shared his experiences of his 6000+ kms journey on a cycle from his native place Kolkata to different states of India. Students were amazed to learn that he has visited 8 states on his cycle itself and has met people from different spheres of life spreading awareness about ‘Save Soil’. The video showing his journey of the travel proved that he was a real changemaker.

Through a video of Satguru in which he explained how our lives depend on soil, students became aware of soil depletion, the importance of saving it and ways in which it can be conserved. Sahil Jha then encouraged the students to create awareness about the movement through social media posts, letters, artwork, etc.

The session ended with an interesting QA round wherein students asked him questions related to his journey, challenges he faced, etc.

Q-Shala Session 5 [Grades 4 to 8] (2022-2023)

The fifth round Q-shala sessions focused on imbibing important values in the students.

Students of Grade 4 were introduced to the session on ‘Etiquettes’ by a discussion on how students would react in given situations. Using scientific enquiry, students answered questions related to etiquettes and public manners and learnt important human behaviour attributes like patience, selflessness, anger, table mannerisms, public behaviour, etc.

Grade 5 students not just shared their knowledge about the importance of gardening and various procedures involved but also answered several questions through which they learnt about Svalbard Global seed Vault which is a secure bank in Norway that stores a life-giving unit i.e seeds. They were also amazed to learn about Bonsai which is an ancient Japanese art of growing trees in containers.

Students of Grade 6 learnt about Coping with stress through a meditation activity. They were able to express their feelings through the activity ‘Me and my emotions’. The session helped them to learn more about emotional and mental well-being and the importance of respecting each other’s emotions.

The session for Std 7 based on ‘Appreciation and Empathy’ enabled them to share their thoughts about bullying and learn ways to stop it. The quiz round included questions about celebrities like Mohammad Ali and Priyanka Chopra who faced bullying. It was enlightening to learn about the fact that Cadbury launched the Unity Bar to promote unity in diversity. At the end of the session students also learnt about being emphathetic and then wrote letters of appreciation to their loved ones.

Grade 8 students realised the importance of Team building through an activity in which they created solutions for certain problems and worked as a team to persuade other members to pitch their ideas. They were amazed to learn about the ‘Share my dabba’ programme started by an Indian Organization wherein they provide left over food to the slums and also the fact that the Oscar Winning movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was originally inspired by ‘Hole in the wall’, an experiment by the Indian Scientist Sugata Mitra.

The session was a great learning experience for all students.

Q-Shala Session 4 [Grades 4 to 8] (2022-2023)

Students of Grades 4 and 5, began their fourth session of Q-shala with a discussion on the words ‘Communication’ and ‘Hobbies’ respectively. The quiz that followed included logical reasoning and critical thinking questions based on Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Braille system and other questions related to communication. They were amazed to learn the fact that the Braille system was inspired by Charles Barbier’s Ecriture Nocturne system which had been developed to help soldiers read at night without a light source. While students of Grade 4 enthusiastically participated in the Pictionary game which emphasised the fact that communication can be non-verbal, Grade 5 solved crossword puzzles and then shared their favourite hobbies.

Students of Grade 6 too had fun answering questions related to Tourism and Finance. They expressed their amazement when they learnt about the setup of a broadband network by the Tanzanian government on Mount Kilimanjaro so that tourists could share their experiences about the UNESCO world heritage site on social media.

Grade 7 and 8 students who enthusiastically participated in the current affairs questioning round used critical thinking and logical reasoning to answer questions about a book on Fomo Sapiens, Marshmallow test, Daylight saving, etc. The session enable them to become aware of self-regulation i.e think and then react.

The diversified questions with the use of images, audios and videos intensified the students’ enthusiasm for learning.

Q-Shala Session 3 [Grades 4 to 8] (2022-2023)

At the beginning of the third session of Q-shala, students of Grades 4 and 5 were introduced to the terms ‘Spatial Awareness’ and ‘Smart Internet User’ after which they answered a fun round of current affairs questions about Minecraft, Origami, Indian National Flag, Internet, Search Engines, Parts of a computer, etc. Grade 4 students also enjoyed the activity wherein they used the sign of the telephone using their fingers to measure the length of the desk, table, etc. They learnt unusual facts like the airplane boneyard which is a storage area for retired aircraft and that chimpanzees share 95.9% DNA with human beings.

After a discussion on the value of being grateful, students of Grade 6 shared how being grateful helps people to be happy and peaceful. Current affairs questions were based on the newly elected President, Draupadi Murmu, prescribed dimensions of the National Flag, the Hall of fame, etc. At the end of the session, students listed things, people or aspects they are grateful for.

The topic ‘Building a sense of Humour’ was introduced to the Grade 7 students, who then answered several questions on Charlie Chaplin movie, famous characters voiced by Walt Disney, etc. They enjoyed learning new terms like Ventriloquism and Parody and participated enthusiastically in the activity wherein a student would begin a statement and the rest would build on it using sentences to complete a specific scenario.

The session for Grade 8 students was based on ‘Expression and Emotional Management’ wherein they answered questions based on Hershey’s Candy bars, Emojis, Angry birds, etc. After hearing audios of different situations, students listed emotions they feel in those situations and then learnt about ACTS- Awareness, Control, Talk and Solve strategy that can be used to respond to emotions.

The activities conducted in the session helped the students not only to expand their knowledge but also learn important values of Collaboration and Team building.

Lantern Making Competition (2022-2023)

Continuing with Diwali celebration, a Lantern-Making competition was held for students of Grades 1 to 7.

The criteria for the competition differed for different classes. While Grades 1 and 2 had to make lanterns using paper cups, Grades 3 and 4 had to use coloured papers and Grades 5 to 7 had to use any recyclable materials. All students enthusiastically participated and displayed their creativity by making uniquely designed and colourful lanterns.

Winners of  Lantern Making  Competition

Std I & II
1st :
Veronica  Devendra
– Std I B
2nd :
Balasubramanian  Mangalam
– Std II A
3rd :
Hargun Kaur  Matta
– Std II B
Std III & IV
1st :
Shauryan Palli
– Std IV B
2nd :
Sanvi Chavan
– Std IV B
3rd :
Atharva  Patil
– Std III B
1st :
Darshan Gawali
– Std VII
2nd :
Rudra Singh  Sawani
– Std VI B
3rd :
Meenakshi  Mangalam
– Std V B
1st :
Atharva  Parab
– Std VIII
2nd :
Angelina Godwin
– Std VIII
3rd :
Aliza Khan
– Std IX

Counselling Workshop On Child And Adolescent Mental Health [Secondary Section] (2022-2023)

“The parent-child connection is the most powerful mental intervention known to mankind.”
With an aim to empower parents to be more aware of their child’s mental health, Trinity International School organised a counselling session on Child and Adolescent Mental Health for the parents of Secondary Section.
The session began with the Headmistress welcoming the parents and introducing the speaker for the day, Miss. Akshata Sawant.

Counselling Workshop On Mindful Parenting
[Primary Section] (2022-2023)

‘At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the involvement of parents.’
.Keeping in mind the importance of the role of parents in their children’s lives, Trinity International School organised a counselling workshop on Mindful Parenting for the parents of the Primary Section.

Miss. Akshata Sawant, a counselling psychologist, led the session, which began with a discussion about parents’ roles in their children’s lives and then introduced the parents to good parenting styles. Some parents shared concerns related to their children, following which the counsellor shared how responding to children is more important than reacting.
Parents were then involved in a small activity wherein they were asked to close their eyes and observe things they could see, feel, hear or smell in their surroundings. The purpose of this activity was to introduce parents to the key factors of practising mindful parenting, i.e., listening with non-judgemental acceptance, showing compassion, and being emotionally aware of their children. They also learnt some benefits of mindful parenting like improving parent-child communication, reducing symptoms of hyperactivity, reducing stress and aggression, lowering chances of developing mental awareness, etc. The session ended with Miss. Akshata sharing some daily essentials for mindful parenting like being in the moment, practising acceptance, breathing and meditating, etc. The parents seemed to have learnt a lot from the session, and some promised to practise mindful parenting towards their children.

Miss. Akshata began the session by asking parents to share their understanding of mental health, after which she explained the term and its importance. She informed the parents about risk factors that can lead to mental illness.
Parents learnt about some common mental health problems like self-harm, depression, anxiety, conduct disorder, substance abuse, sexual abuse and eating disorders, which were explained in detail by the counsellor. She also discussed ways parents can identify these problems based on the signs or symptoms shown by the children.
Miss. Akshata not only explained the importance of identifying and treating these problems at an early stage but also shared some of the treatment avenues like early intervention, family therapy, meditation, etc.
The session ended with a vote of thanks conveyed by the HeadMistress, who expressed her gratitude towards the parents for giving their valuable time and encouraged them to proactively lend support to the school in working towards the development of their children.

Eco-club Competition [Grades 3 to 9] (2022-2023)

‘One step for a better environment today is one step toward a better future.’
To encourage students to be more aware about environmental issues, the Eco-Club of Trinity International School organised the competition ‘Good-bye Plastic’ for students of grades 3 to 9.
The competition was conducted on 26th July, 2022 wherein students prepared charts and posters based on themes given to them.

Students of grades 3 and 4 wrote meaningful pledges saying goodbye to single-use plastics while grade 5 students designed posters on single-use plastic ban. Creative posters suggesting alternatives to single-use plastic and fact sheets showing statistics of devastating impacts of plastics were designed by students of grades 6 and 7 respectively. Grades 8 and 9 students used #goodbye plastic and designed social media handles to create awareness on plastic ban.
Students left no stone unturned in showing their resolve to combat the harmful impacts of single use plastics.

Winners of Eco-club Competition

Std III & IV
1st :
Kahaan Oza
– Std IV B
2nd :
Tithi Gurav
– Std IV A
3rd :
Anay Pakhale
– Std III A
Std V & VI
1st :
Sugan Ganeshan
– Std VI A
2nd :
Sarah Pangarkar
– Std VI A
3rd :
Aaditya Nadar
– Std V A
1st :
Aarya Patil
1st :
Jhassithaa Nadar
– Std VIII
2nd :
Krit Sankhala
– Std VIII
3rd :
Aliza Khan
– Std IX

Gokulashtami Activity [Grades 1 to 7] (2022-2023)

Gokulashtami activities were conducted for students of Grades 1 to 7 during the Craft periods during which students showed exceptional creativity and enthusiasm to make significant objects for Gokulashtami.

Students of grades 1 and 2 made crowns for Lord Krishna and decorated it while Grade 3 students made flutes using card and chart papers. Grade 4 decorated a photo frame of Lord Krishna.

Decorative paper pots and cradles were made by grades 5 and 6, respectively. Students of grade 7 decorated clay pots using eco-friendly decorations.

The noteworthy artworks by students were commendable.

Raksha Bandhan Activity [Grades 1 to 7] (2022-2023)

To cherish and celebrate the love of brothers and sisters, Raksha Bandhan activities were conducted for for students of grades 1 to 7.
Boys of grades 1 to 4 showed their creative skills by making photo frames and hair accessories as gift items for their siblings and the girls designed lovely cards with meaningful messages of gratitude and gave these cards to the cleaning staff, peons, security guards and the nurse.

While boys of grades 5 to 7 created decorative jewellery boxes using cardboards, the girls made beautiful rakhis with messages on ‘Save Mother Nature’ and tied the rakhis to trees in the school premises. The students not only showed enthusiasm but also an environmental sensitivity by using eco-friendly materials for the activities.

Q-Shala Session 2 [Grades 4-8] (2022-2023)

The second round of Q-shala session was held in the 2nd week of July, 2022 for students of grades 4 to 8.
At the beginning of the session, students of Grade 4 were shown an image of the flag of a country following which they answered questions based on current affairs like crisis faced by Pakistan, museum made in memory of Mahatma Gandhi by Shapoorji Pallonji Group, etc. Students were made to think critically about the harmful effects of plastic and ways in which its use can be avoided.

Students were amazed to learn about the Pillow fight championship in Japan and that the first FIFA cricket stadium in Qatar was made of a Tanish Toy lego.
The session for students of grades 5 and 6 commenced with the activity ‘Guess The Act’ in which the students had to enact words given to them while their groups would guess the word. Students answered several questions based on current affairs and were amazed to learn about Gulliver Park, a playground in Spain that pays tribute to the novel ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. At the end of the session, a fun activity based on Self awareness was conducted in which students wrote three things they could do on their own, three things they could not do on their own and things they could do with someone’s help. Through this activity they were able to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
A story depicting the importance of silence was shown to students of Grade 7 after which they answered a variety of questions based on silence in movies, events, languages, brands, etc. They had fun guessing the first silent movie and the name of the company who created headphones. They learnt about the silent protest to highlight racial discrimination in USA. The session ended with an interactive discussion on benefits of silence and everyday silence tricks.
Grades 8 students began their session by writing 5 affirmations using images shown the slides. This was followed by a fun round of questions through which students learnt some scientific terms like Camellia Sinensia (tea) and adrenaline (stress causing harmones). At the end of the session, students made a hand band with paper and wrote one of their best affirmations on it.
The second session of Q-shala embibed students with skills like critical thinking, logical reasoning and scientific enquiry and made them even more enthusiastic for future sessions.

Extempore Competition [Grades 8 & 9] (2022-2023)

Trinity International School has always worked towards all-round development of the students. Hence, to hone the oratorial skills of pupils, the school organised an Extempore Competition based on the theme ‘Skills of the Future’ for students of Grades 8 and 9.
The participants were expected to think spontaneously and assert their ideas on the given topic with precision of thought and expression.

The event was conducted on 19th July, 2022 in the school hall. It commenced with a warm welcome to the students of the secondary section, teachers and the judges. The participants were given a time slot of two minutes to deliver their speeches. The students confidently presented their views on topics like time management, communication, digital literacy, patience, humour, team work, etc. Their speeches were judged on the basis of confidence, presentation of ideas, language, diction, enunciation and overall impression.
The event ended with encouragement and appreciation from the judges.

Winners of Extempore Competition

Senior Group
1st :
Krit Sankhala
– Std VIII
2nd :
Thiraviaraj Nadar
– Std IX
3rd :
Aman Ojha
– Std IX

Monoacting Competition [Grades 5-7] (2022-2023)

Trinity International School organised a Monoacting competition on 19th July, 2022 for students of Grades 5 to 7, giving students a golden opportunity to showcase their acting talent.
The theme of the competition was ‘Emotions through Expressions’ wherein students had to step into the role of their favorite story character or an antagonist from a story book.

The competition, conducted in the school hall commenced with a warm welcome to the secondary section students, teachers and the judges. The participants then bewitched the audience with their captivating performances as Ursula, the Wimpy kid, Alice, etc. They showcased excellent acting skills, confidence and fluent speaking skills.
The event concluded with the judges appreciating the participants for their commendable performances and encouraging them to work on building up their confidence even more.

Winners of Monoacting Competition

Senior Group
Std V to VII
1st :
Niva Damania
– Std VI A
2nd :
Aarav Panpalia
– Std VI A
3rd :
Meenakshi Mangalam
– Std V B

Role Play Competition [Grades 1-4] (2022-2023)

“Children are great imitators, give them something great to imitate.”

To develop confident students and to provide an opportunity for them to showcase their acting and speaking skills, Trinity International School organised a Role Play Competition on 19th July, 2022 for the Primary Section.
The theme for grades 1 and 2 was Community Helpers while students of grades 3 and 4 had to play the role of their favourite story character. 

The programme began with the host welcoming the students and judges. The excitement of our young actors knew no bounds as they waited eagerly for their turn to perform. Students of grades 1 and 2 portrayed themselves as community helpers like doctor, nurse, soldier, firefighter, etc., giving information about the nature of their jobs and their importance in the society. Students of grades 3 and 4 enacted their favourite story characters like Harry Potter, Elsa, Cinderella, etc. and left the audience enthralled with their endearing acts.
The event concluded with the encouraging words of the judges who appreciated the admirable performances of the students and the effort taken by their parents.

Winners of Role Play Competition

Std I & II
1st :
Arshiya Kamthe
– Std II B
2nd :
Sudhikshit Khamrui
– Std II A
3rd :
Balasubramanian Mangalam
– Std II A
Std III & IV
1st :
Tulip Dubey
– Std III A
2nd :
Keya Desai
– Std IV A
3rd :
Shauryan Palli
– Std IV B

Eco-Club 2022-23

To promote environment friendly attitudes and empower students to be actively involved in activities benefitting the society, Trinity International School formed the Environmental Club ‘Eco-Trinitians’, comprising eco-warriors from Grades 6 to 10.
In the previous years, various activities featured under the Eco-Club to create awareness about waste segregation and cleanliness, promote tree plantations, discourage use of one time use plastics, etc.

This year too, the club was reintroduced in a special assembly conducted in the school hall on 11th July 2022. The Head Mistress, Mrs. Mariamma Nair handed over badges to the newly elected Eco-Club members for the academic year 2022-23, after which she encouraged them to be committed to their duties and work in unity to conserve the environment. The Eco-Club co-ordinator then apprised everyone of the duties and responsibilities of the Eco-Club members this year. The momentous programme culminated with the Eco-Club members taking the pledge administered by the Eco-Club President, Vishesh Jain from Std X.

Investiture Ceremony 2022-23

“Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life.” To nurture leadership qualities in the newly elected Student Council members for the academic year 2022-23, Trinity International School held the Investiture ceremony on 6th July 2022.
The ceremony commenced with a prayer song to invoke the blessings of the Almighty after which the Headmistress, Mrs. Mariamma Nair, welcomed the audience comprising parents, students, House Mistresses and Student Council members.

invigorating speech she encouraged the Student Council members to fulfil their duties and responsibilities towards the school to ensure its smooth functioning and work together to uphold the honour of the institution. Exhibiting a sense of unity and discipline, the spectacular group of the Student Council members led by the Head Boy- Shllok Tahiliani and Head Girl- Akshaya V. marched confidently as they were handed the sash, badge and house flag as the hall resonated with applause and cheers.The Student Council members then took the oath administered by the Head Girl -Akshaya V. and promised to fulfil the duties conferred upon them and model exemplary leadership.
The ceremony then culminated with a Vote by thanks by the Supervisor, Mrs. Amuda Justin followed by the national anthem.

Q-Shala Session 1 [Grades 4-8] (2022-2023)

To enhance skills like critical thinking, logical reasoning, scientific enquiry, etc. in students, Trinity International School has organized Q-Shala sessions this year too for Grades 4 to 8.
The first round of Q-shala sessions witnessed enthusiastic participation from the students. The sessions began with Ice-breaker activities wherein students of grade 4 made ID cards of things they like to do while grades 5 to 8 described themselves with their spirit animals based on the similarities in qualities.

The students were then divided into teams and ground rules of the hand, mouth and bottle were explained. Students then engaged in a fun round of questions based on current affairs and environment.
They not only got an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills but also learnt new things. Grade 4 students learnt the meaning of the word ‘capitalist’ and important facts about the Chandrayan while students of grades 5 to 8 were amazed at the facts that pineapple leaves are used to manufacture garments and keyboard keys were recycled to make Mural Paintings.
Students keenly participated in the last round of questioning called ‘This or That’ wherein they got to chose between two options for e.g. paper cups or plastic cups and explain the reason for their choices. At the end of this round students reflected on how our actions affect the environment.
The session enlightened the students with ways to conserve the environment.

For Nursery to Grade X

Walkin Anytime between 10.00 a.m. & 5.30 p.m.