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Miss P. P. Abichandaney

After the retirement of Shri G. A. Kewalramani, Miss P. P. Abichandaney took over the reins of the School. She has had a very long association with the School, first as a student in the matriculation class during 1935-36, then as a teacher from 1944 to 1952 and finally as Vice-Principal for over twenty years before she became the Head of the School. On account of her spirit of selfless dedication, over-whelmingly affable nature, amiable disposition, love and sympathy for students, and above all wide contacts with their parents, she proved herself to be a good ‘external affairs minister’, who endeared herself to all she came in contact with. She was a firm but courteous and considerate Head.

PRINCIPAL Late Miss P. P. Abichandaney 1976-1977

Justifiably worthy of deep appreciation for unflinching loyalty, spirit of selfless dedication, devotion to duties and above all, love and sympathy.

Miss D. H. Mansukhani

Miss D. H. Mansukhani, who took over the charge of the School on the retirement of Miss P. P. Abichandaney in 1977, had also a very long association with the School, and like her predecessor, she was on the staff of the School both here and at Karachi. A dedicated and sincere worker, she never thought of her services in terms of time and money and worked with such keen devotion, as few may have equalled. As a good ‘Home and Finance minister,’ she evinced keen interest in the economy of the school administration, always frowning on any wasteful or unnecessary expenditure. She expected flawless performance from the members of her staff, but at the same time she was tender at heart and deeply religious.

PRINCIPAL Late Miss D. H. Mansukhani 1977-1979

Well deserving a tribute for her selfless service, sincerity of purpose, devotion to duties and above all, her keen desire for fiscal balance.

Mr. M.C. Mankani

Shri M.C.Mankani, had a long association with the school, first as a student next as a teacher, then as Principal. Humility, affection, trust, friendship, sagacity and above all complete identification with the institution were some of the qualities that glaringly radiated from Principal Shri M.C.Mankani, ever since he took over the charge of the School.

Ordinarily courteous and sincere in his dealings, he like his own great teacher Shri. G.A.Kewalramani, was an embodiment of self-denial and responded readily to what is right and proper. He had put untiring efforts to emulate his teacher Shri G.A. Kewalramani, and any of his admirers will unhesitatingly link his honesty of purpose as well as uprightness of character with that of his mentor.

Late Shri M.C.Mankani 1979- 2008 PRINCIPAL EMERITUS

Highly admirable, good & effective educator, sincere of purpose, conscientious worker and above all, a diligent & able administrator.