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  • The Day The World Stayed Home.

          The earth turned on its axis

    The sun rose for the day
    But the planes, the trains the taxis

    They chose to stay away

    The roads became much calmer

    The streets were quieter still

    Because amidst this force of beauty

    The world was getting ill

    The flower still grew their petals

    The trees danced away

    The sky was blue, the grass was green

    And we all rose to see the day

    But the days for us looked different

    Something wasn’t quite the same,

    No long commuters or morning rush

    And the virus was to blame

    All the parents taught their children

    Kitchen tables turned to desks

    But playtimes were without their friends

    The rule was clear; no guests!

    Because the most important thing here

    Isn’t me, myself and I

    And all the people knew this

    And that’s the reason why…….

    -By – Reina Kurlap

    Std- IV-B

  • I miss you, oh my dear school!

            I miss you, oh my dear school        

    I miss you, oh my dear school


    I miss you, oh all my dear teachers,

    I miss all your teaching features.


    I miss you oh all my dear school friends,

    I miss all the times that we spend.

    I want to meet you all very soon, I miss you oh all my dear friends.


    I miss you oh my sweet classroom,

    I miss all the study and the boom.

    I hope that the pandemic ends soon, so that I can come again to the class room soon


    I miss all the games that we played,

    But the memories which now fade.


    I miss all that we did in the school, the learning, the fun and the friends – so cool.

    I miss you oh my dear Trinity International School.

    The most cool-cool school….

    I miss you, oh my dear school…..

    -By – Aseempreet Kaur

    Std- IV-B

      • Kindness For Everyone

        There is fear everywhere,

        COVID is on everyone’s mind.

        But as we shut our doors and shut people out,

        Remember to keep our hearts open, we don’t know what we will find.

        Look around, what do you see?

        People who need that hug that you can’t give.

        So how can we help and walk them through,

        The toughest few months, for them as well as you.

        Stop for a second, look around and think,

        Even as locked in as we are,

        Can we do something for someone.

        Help from near or afar?


        Kindness is the key,

        A word, thought or deed.

        Whether they are four legged or two,

        What could we give that they may need?

        Let thoughts of kindness,

        When we wonder what to do,

        Be the candle in the dark,

        Put yourself out there, show that you have a heart.

        -By – Divya Nayampalli  

        Std- IV-B

      • The Digital Era- Virtual Learning

        It was a normal day on the 16th of March 2020. I came back from my school and set out for my maths tuition. I was greeted by my friends as usual. When our class started, our teacher told us that the school was closing for 15 days- until our final exams, for grade 6. I was stunned. There was no warning, and all of a sudden our school was closed. So I waited and studied for my examination, but around 4 days before my exams news came that our exams altogether were cancelled.
        In the current scenario, in some schools you have to go to a physical classroom (with restrictions, of course) for things such as practical or written exams. Many people’s exercise and physical activities have reduced. I used to play cricket or football for upto 4 hours a day, but now it has reduced to less than an hour and a half.
        Digital classes have positives and negatives. Some of the positives being- learning new things. For example I did not know a whole lot about computers before digital classes. I was also painfully slow at typing, to which I can say that I have improved, but still am improving. Due to digital classes, we can stay at home, and spend time with family. However, just like everything, Digital classrooms have negatives as well. They can damage our eyes, due to high UV light emissions. There can also be network problems, which can make digital learning not as fluent as physical classrooms. Homework digitally is also a lot more complicated than physically, where you can do homework on piece of paper and submit it to your teacher. Excessive social media, especially for children is not good. Lot of misinformation and rumours can be spread.
        I personally like physical classrooms more, because you can meet your friends, while not damaging your eyes. Also there isn’t an issue with network problems, which means you can’t just disconnect from a class. It is also easier to illustrate your projects, or assignments in a physical classroom. However, I am still happy that I am not losing out on my learning. As Dumbledore rightly said- “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, only if one remembers to turn on the light”.

        -By – Nikhil Sinha

        Std- VII

      • TOPSY TURVY 2020

        2020 has been quite a different year,
        When the whole world has been in fear.
        A tiny virus put us all in danger,
        I wish it could be destroyed by Avenger.

        Some stuck indoors, some at home,
        And we could no longer openly roam.
        Many lost their jobs, millions have died,
        The year was such that everyone cried.

        2020 taught us that freedom is dearer than gold,
        For all, be it rich or poor, young or old.
        As this eventful year comes to an end,
        I pray for a solution that is Godsent.

        -By – Shlok Venkatraman

        Std- IV-A

      • The Missing Piece

        “Mom! Where are the old newspapers?” I asked. “In my room,” came the shrieking sound of my mother. I clumsily went to the room. The room was as clean as ever. The bed sheets were arranged properly and the books were in place except for the hundred stacks of newspaper littering the room. I had to bring cutouts of advertisement and posters for my English assignment. I started off immediately with the stack under the cupboard. There was grave silence except the fluttering of pages.
        Suddenly I felt everything revolving around me. Were my eyes playing some kind of joke with me? The headline ‘Missing’ on the front page of every newspaper seemed to pierce my heart while my mind could not make head or tail of what I saw in front of me- that was one of my old photos below the missing headline on each newspaper!
        All kinds of emotions seemed to flood me- confusion, horror, anxiety, anger and shock. Why would my parents give this ad if I am living with them? Was it possible that the ones I call my parents are not my own? Why would they do this? Where are my real parents then? Who am I living with? All sorts of questions revolved in my head as I tried to stay calm before jumping to conclusions. After a long sleepless night I woke up with the determination to solve this mystery.
        I called my best friend knowing I had to share this with somebody to keep my sanity. My bestie like always proved to be a genius when she told me to analyze the papers and look for some clues or contact numbers and I did find it on the ads. No longer able to contain myself, with trembling hands I dialed the number. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally heard the ‘hello’ on the other side. Trying to hold back my tears and not letting the emotions show in my voice, I asked him where the number belonged to. When he seemed a little hesitant I told him basic details about the ad and that I wanted to know about it. On hearing this, the man’s voice turned harsh as he said, “This is a PCO, hundreds of people make calls from here and you want me tell you about some stupid advertisement!” With this he hung the phone and I was left standing there helpless. I then decided to look up the address given on the ad; it seemed to be another city that I could not recall. If I had to go there to find out more I had to give my parents an excuse. Finally knowing what I had to do, I went to mom’s bedroom. She seemed to be engrossed in reading a book. I stood at the door looking at the woman I had known as my mother all these years. Could she be someone who would deceive me? Tears stung my eyes as my heart did not want to believe what my mind wanted me to. I had a right to know. I had to take a chance. Without letting any other thought interrupt me I slowly walked to her while pulling out a few clippings of the ad I had hidden in my pocket.
        She looked at me curiously as I handed it over to her. “Tell me what this is about, “I asked. I was amazed at her calmness at this confrontation even as she went through the clippings. Wasn’t she guilty of what she did to me? I was pulled out of my thoughts when I realized she was stifling a laugh. At my confused expression she pulled me into her arms and pointed to the top of the newspaper clip. “Didn’t you see the date Ms. Detective?” she asked, “This is an old Ad that me and your father got printed when you were lost in a big fair. You were just three then and we had gone to visit your aunt. Your dad’s editor friend helped us print this ad for the next morning. But fortunately, we found you even before the newspapers were delivered.” Filled with gratitude and love I hugged my mom, silently laughing at myself for being so impulsive.

        -By – Vidhi Pamecha

        Std- VIII

      • The Darkest Day

        “Mom! I can’t find it anywhere! Where is it? , I questioned in frustration while I looked for my pen drive dashing into her room. I looked for it everywhere. It was like searching for a needle in a haystack. I scanned across the room looking for a clue, when my eyes caught a glimpse of an old paper peeping from below the cupboard. It was a newspaper with a missing person article. The face in the picture seemed to be familiar. The ground slipped beneath me when realization dawned, that face was mine! I gulped my anxiety and my jaw dropped. Who is this? It is really me? Who printed this article? Is it a twin? Who really am I?
        A thousand questions ran through my mind, while my world almost shattered into pieces in front of my eyes. I didn’t want to ask my mother about it because there will be something she’ll be hiding. Could i trust her? I ran out of my house not knowing what to expect.
        I sprinted towards the police station. My mind flooding with questions; not knowing who had answers for this. I entered the police station and ran towards a policeman and questioned him, “Who printed this article?”. The policemen took a deep breath and sighed, “It is your parent who printed it”.
        “What do you mean? Why would they print thjs when I am living with them right now!”, I shouted.
        “You are not. You don’t live with anyone. You live in an abandoned house with no one.”
        My life crashed into pieces and my world seemed to shake as confusion flooded my mind. “What are you talking about?” I questioned him with an accusing glare. “I stay with them. They are my parents!”
        “You are hallucinating things! You’re going crazy. Please go home and rest. ”
        As I walked to my house with a heavy heart bubbling with tension and hope, I looked at the house that seemed nothing like before. Broken windows and worn down walls. The door seemed to be ajar. A figure emerged from within with outstretched arms. Oh what a relief! I ran to my mother with a renewed joy, mocking the policeman in my mind for being so foolish and calling me crazy. The pathway seemed to be never ending, I couldn’t control the gush of emotions, wanting to be in my mother’s arms as soon as possible, wanting to feel her protective arms around me.
        Just as i reached her, she vanished into thin air. Overwhelmed by confusion and grief I desperately searched around the house, sure that she was playing hide and seek with me. My attempt seemed futile.
        The empty house, the stench of rusting iron brought me back to reality. This is what fear tasted like. A prolonged yell of pain, and a cry of anguish. Aahhh! There I sat with broken piece of my heart nobody could fix!

        -By Tanisha Jain

        Std- VIII


        To continue our journey of shielding nature, Trinity International School had once again proudly unveiled the new members of Eco-Trinitians on 8th July 2019.
        The Inauguration was followed by an inspirational anecdotal speech delivered by our Headmistress on how one should focus on little things in life. Students were divided into Eco Warriors and School Green Corps depending on their duties to improve environmental conditions. These two groups will look after various awareness drives in school as well as the vicinity. They will also regularly check classroom cleanliness, uniforms and waste segregation etc.
        All these approaches will ensure that the students become environmentally responsible.

        -By Eco-Trinitians

      • The Mysterious Man.

        “Yipeeeeeeee!” ,cried Shllok, excitement whistling through him. We were boarding our flight to Singapore, where we were travelling for our end of the year trip. The whole 7th Std was going! We would have so much fun.
        Finally with our seatbealts strapped, the flight started to race down the runway. I could not here a thing. Suddenly with a loud ‘pop’! my ears started working again. As I looked out of the windows the plane rose. The world spread out like a map around me. The world was shrinking and in less than a minute the people down below were the size of ants. With the swish of a magician’s ward, the shrinking world transformed into a white wonderland. We were above the clouds. It was as if we skiing in the snow. In the middle of all this excitement, I hadn’t noticed who was sitting beside me. I looked around the plane and saw my classmates giggling and laughing, their friends sitting beside them. When I turned to see who was sitting beside me, I got quite a shock. Seated beside me, dressed in a white linen coat was a dark – faced man. His face was expressionless. His eyelid hid half of his eyes, which were like two red fire balls in a black saucepan. I didn’t like him as he had something horrid about his appearance. “Hey George! Come and play antakshari with us!”, someone yelled. I got up to go, but the horrible man’s feet blocked my path. “Sir, can you move up a bit?” , I asked in my polite voice. The man gave a grunt and said, “No!”. I got so angry that I trod on his feet. He yelped and glared at me. I hastily made my way to my friends. When I got back I saw that the man had kept his black bag on my seat. “ Hey!”, I said indignantly. “Serves you right!”, said the man. I got so frustrated that I trod on the man’s feet again and threw the man’s bag right into his face! The poor man could not understand anything and suddenly out of fright, he gave a screech that any train engine would have been proud to produce. That moment, my teacher who had seen what had happened came up to me and made me sit in the seat beside her. I was too glad not to be with that brute of a man.

        -By Chaitanya Padhye

        Std -VII

      • Fearful Forest

        I lay down there, my limbs burning with red hot pain. I fought to keep my eyes open as a wave of tiredness washed over me. My dress was covered in thick, shiny mud all over as I wiped my sweaty face clean. It felt that I had broken all the bones in my body.
        I came here in this forestry – island for a one time adventure with my friends. We had decided to scout this place for edible food and water but I ended up with both the fresh water and me falling all the way down in mud.
        An occasional beam of light passed by trying in unsuccessful hope of lighting this dense dark forest. To add fuel to the fire, now I was all alone in this never-ending forest except for these bloodsucking creatures – mosquitoes.
        Collecting all the nerves I had, I proceeded ahead. Although my friends had practically forced me to come as it was out of my comfort zone it wasn’t so bad. Blooming flowers and tall trees stood as if showing me the path towards my friends. A bunch of birds played hide and seek in the trees just looming above my head. It is weird to say this after such a nasty fall but I type of felt at home. The sky was changing colours and displayed over a thousand in just minutes.
        Out of the blue I stumbled across a rock slab and all my thoughts disappeared. I looked around to see my surrounding. Lots of symbols were engraved and now covered with fungi. It looked like a temple of the tribal but no one seemed to be here. I proceeded ahead. My tiredness and anxiety level kept increasing continuously.
        Suddenly a man with blue painted face shoved me towards the ground. I was barely able to dodge his other kick in time as I got up. I turned to sprint but more painted faces emerged from the shades. All of them crowded around me, all of them burping weird sounds. Between them emerged a man almost twice of me in height. “State your purpose”, he said grumbling. “I..I just wanted some…some food and water”, I said. I knew I was speaking total gibberish but I couldn’t help. A scream of horror and terror built inside me as it buckled my body. “Is there anyone else with you?”, he questioned with his dead voice. I wanted to lie but I didn’t want to know what would they do to me so in a pained voice I said, “Yes”.

        -By Tanisha Jain

        Std- VIII

      • The Dark Legacy

        One fine evening, at Baker Street, London, Holmes and I were sitting in front of the fireplace, enjoying marshmallow. It was really comfortable sitting in the soft armchair, hearing the rain knocking on the window, the pleasant crackling of the fire. From time to time, we thrust a log of wood and the flames rose licking up the chimney.

        Enjoying the pleasant evening we sat talking about our latest cases when suddenly, there was a knock at the door, I jumped. Holmes rose from his chair and strode to the door. He opened it and outside stood a lady with a pale face wearing a red dress and a red hat with a red purse in her red gloved hand and as she walked in, her red shoes made a clattering noise on the floor.
        Holmes beckoned her to an armchair and she sat down. “My name is Jane Kenneth. I have come from Roger Street. You are Sherlock Holmes, aren’t you?” Holmes nodded. “I have come here to seek help from you. Let me begin from the start.”
        ‘I am 22 now. 4 years ago I lived in a small cottage with my mother and grandmother on the outskirts of a town. I had lost my father in an accident when I was eight years old. My mother and my grandmother were in a Detective Agency. They were considered amongst the best detectives in the county as they played a major role in catching hold of many criminals and solving cases.
        One desolate night my grandmother went for her usual night walk, but didn’t come back. Next morning the police found her body at the side of the road. They registered an accident death case as that stretch of the road is slippery and the sides of the road have sharp stones. They believed that she may have slipped and fallen on the rocks. Then 2 years later, that same day, my mother went out to purchase groceries in the evening but when she dint return I was very anxious. I waited all night for her return. Finally in the morning, I got the police and they started to search for her. Her body was found in the chalk pit. I suspected foul play but as there was no evidence the police closed the case with the conclusion that she may have slipped and fallen into the chalk pit. Day after tomorrow will mark 2 years after my mother’s death. Looking at the pattern followed in the death of my grandmother and mother, I’m scared that I will meet my end, especially because I have had a sense of being followed from two-three days. Please help me!’
        Holmes, who had his eyes closed, opened them and sat up. “What was the date when your grandmother died?” asked Holmes. “My grandmother died on 6th May 1956, and my mother on 6th May 1960”, replied Ms. Kenneth. “So day after tomorrow will be exactly 2 years after your mother’s death”, considered Holmes.
        “Yes, so I am going to a friend’s party day after tomorrow hoping that I will be at the least risk of being caught”, added Mrs. Kenneth. “You may go now and I assure you that you will not be killed,” said Holmes with a tone that reflected his determination. Ms. Kenneth still seemed a little skeptical as she got up and clattered towards the door and out she went in the pouring rain.
        Holmes closed the door behind her and grinned at me. “Looks like we have a new case around the corner, eh Watson?” he asked. “Yes,” I replied, “Okay,” said Holmes, settling down in an arm chair which seemed to almost bury him, “this is what we do, and we’ll follow Ms. Kenneth to her friend’s party and mix up with the crowd. We should try and spot who is following her. When Ms. Kenneth is alone we should try and be as close to her as possible and see to it that no harm comes to her. We will also follow her back to her house. Bring your revolver Watson, it may come handy.” With that we sat for a while, and then trudged upstairs.
        Next day brought nothing but pouring rain. That night as I climbed into bed, a funny excited feeling crept through my spine. I woke up the next day to see Holmes grinning at me and the alarm clock ringing. I sat up. “You woke up late so I set the time of the alarm clock to now and it has started ringing. I have been up since ages and I have had breakfast already,” explained Holmes. I got out of bed, dressed quickly and had breakfast, and then we set off to Ms. Kenneth’s friend’s party. She was an old customer of Holmes and she knew him well.
        We arrived to find Ms. Kenneth waiting for us at the doorway. She gestured to us to keep quiet and move on. Evidently there were some who were watching her. So we went on, but hung around her every time. Soon we saw who was following her. A weird looking man dressed in grey, with a red tie, black trouser and black shoes was stealthily shadowing her. Just after the cake cutting, Ms. Kenneth went into one of the rooms of the hotel the party was held in. The man quickly followed her. As we dashed towards the room, there came a blood-curdling scream from the room that turned our blood to ice. Holmes’s hand grasped on the trigger of the revolver, we rushed into the room. Relief flooded us when we saw Ms. Kenneth alive, standing near the window begging for her life, there was a cut on her forehead probably made from the glass that the man seemed to have hurled at her. The man, who had his pistol pointed towards her, was rooted to his spot, shocked by our sudden entry. Grabbing the opportunity, Holmes quickly made a dash for the man and pinned him down while I took the revolver from him.
        The commotion had attracted quite a few spectators. Meanwhile, Ms. Kenneth’s friend called the police who then interrogated the man. The man Luke was seeking revenge for his brother who had been jailed because of Ms. Kenneth’s mother. His death in the jail made Luke lonely as they had no other family member and he decided to erase every trace of the Kenneth family too. Luke was taken into custody for trial. Ms. Kenneth was taken to the hospital for treating her wound. As we drove home I saw a satisfied smile on Holmes’ face.
        That evening, as I and Holmes sat in front of the fire place talking about the event of that day, suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Holmes opened it and out stood the lady wearing a red dress and a red hat with a red purse in her red-gloved hand, this time with a smiling face.

        -By Chaitanya Padhya

        Std -VII


        To go green with the festive season coming up, students of Trinity International School once again welcomed the Ganesha idol which was made of clay, paper and organic colours. The idol was worshipped with great devotion for the next three days. On the last day, after a ceremony, the idol was immersed in a tub of water. The paper with which it was made, loosened up and dissolved eventually over a period of two to three days. The plants in the school were nourished with this water. This activity continues to create awareness amongst the students to celebrate festivals in an eco-friendly manner.

        -By Eco-Trinitians

      • Worst day of my life!

        Dear Dairy,
        The worst day of my life involved a passage of my life where I thought I was losing my mother. My mum, means the whole world to me and when she had an unfortunate accident, I felt my world collapsing all around me.
        It was back in December and the weather was absolutely horrible and freezing. There were small showers of snow as I was going to school. My day at school was coming to an end and I couldn’t be more than happy to go home. I was waiting outside for my mum, but there was no sign of her. So all I could hear was footsteps of the teacher as the noisy children had gone home. My teacher came along and asked me, “Are you still waiting for your Mom?” ”Yeah she’s late today.”I replied as I nearly choked on my words. Tears tickled down my cheeks.
        It was nearly 6 pm and I was crying my heart out in my teacher’s lap. Suddenly I saw my sister through the gates. I was relieved immediately as I saw her, but seeing the look on her face I realized that something was wrong. All she said to me was that they had gone to the hospital. After reaching home I felt really restless. I didn’t feel like eating or watching TV.
        It was getting very dark and I was getting more anxious by the minutes. I shut my eyes but I couldn’t get a wink of sleep, so I got up and sat on the stairs. I was listening to my dad talking on the phone he was saying, ‘My wife has had an accident, so I can’t come to work tomorrow.’ I felt a pain in my heart as I heard this. As soon as my sister came to my room at about 3 am in the morning, I asked her to tell me the truth about what happened to mum she told me everything.
        ‘It was past 3.30 and mum realized that she had to pick you up so she rushed out in the snow and slipped and immediately fell on the ground. She was severely bruised and wounded. She could barely get up and was actually buried in the snow for about half an hour. And later when I realized that you weren’t home, I rushed to the school and on my way I saw mum completely vulnerable lying in the snow. So I called the ambulance and took her to the hospital. The doctor had said that due to severe injuries and blood loss, she is in a critical stage. She will be in the ICU for about 2 weeks or even more.
        My heart crashed right into pieces while I heard this. I didn’t know what to do. “Just hope for the best and don’t loose hope,” she said while she tucked me in. But I couldn’t help but cry my heart out.
        I hope tomorrow is a better day.

        -By Vidhi Pamecha

        Std -VIII

      • Women Empowerment

        What even is feminism? I, Sukriti Sinha, am here to express my views on feminism and women-empowerment.
        Feminism is really a burning topic. People expect tons of posts on their feeds on social media regarding feminism and women empowerment on a daily basis. Feminism has also, parallel given birth to negative feminism and that is very irking and irrational.
        That is all facts.
        But feminism in its actual and truest sense can be irritating too. Of course, advocates of patriarchy are nodding their heads in agreement right now. But real feminism too can be irritating to others.
        If I show you a photo of a red car and repeatedly try to tell you,
        “This four wheeler is red in colour”
        “This four wheeler is red in colour”
        “This four wheeler is red in colour”
        It will definitely irk the hell out of you, why? Because I’ll just be repeating the obvious. Hence, ladies and gentlemen and all other genders, feminism is common sense. I hope it’s your common sense that gets you annoyed about the feminism posts.
        Feminism is also something which has been greatly misunderstood. People often think of it as something which will turn the society into a matriarchal one instead of a patriarchal one. This is not true. Feminism is, in its truest and simplest form, a movement meant to completely destroy the roots or even the idea of patriarchal or matriarchal societies.
        As defined by google feminism plainly means ‘the belief that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men’. Not a belief, it should rather be called a fact.
        I do not wholly blame men for anti-feminism too. In a society like ours, patriarchy is so deeply rooted that people are now conditioned to believe that feminism and women rights are just common sense. For example, back in the time, education for women was considered to be an absurd idea. Again, I’d not blame men for it. Imagine someone point to a colour and tells you that is green. You become habituated to calling it green and suddenly one day he tells you that it is blue. Not easy to accept. Right? Same is the case with the male people of our society. Often, female is the greater agent of patriarchy than the male. I strongly believe that our generation will understand that not all the old customs are right. So maybe we can get past patriarchy and understand that everyone is equal.
        What I mean to say is feminism is just basically telling the women that they are capable and strong enough to do it. It’s their perspective that needs to be changed. Others will follow.
        I would like to end my speech by mentioning something I strongly believe in. Gender is just a social construct. It has been created by the society for their convenience. The sexes of person whether male or female is biological but gender is just a social construct.
        Thank You.

        -By Sukriti Sinha

        Std- IX

      • GREEN SOLE

        Every year, millions of people walk around barefoot only in India. To create a social impact Trinity International School partnered with an organization named Greensole – Step towards sustainability. This organization collects and refurbishes old shoes into trendy slippers. The students were asked to participate whole heartedly in this drive by donating their used, discarded footwear. These footwears were collected and sent to Greensole. The used shoes were given a second life for underprivileged people who have no access to footwear. All the students showed keen interest in this “Sole”ful initiative. Our aim was to collect 1000 pairs. Though it was a small contribution, it made a huge difference to all of us. Our school is proud to announce that we ‘Gave wings to the Sole’.

        -By Eco-Trinitians

      • Self Love

        I wonder why it is so difficult to love oneself. Sometimes admitting that you hate yourself must feel so much easier than you love yourself. Doesn’t it?
        When was the last time you looked in the mirror to appreciate yourself for who you are? When was the last time you adored something you made or you did?
        When a builder constructs a building, he makes sure his foundation is strong enough to take the weight of numerous floors and to stays stable. This foundation is your relationship with yourself which decides whether the other relations who are like the floors would stay stable or collapse. If your foundation is weak you can never make a successful building of life. Which means the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.
        There may come a time when there is nothing left to love. At that time it is important to understand what’s best for you, do what’s best for you, whether people approve of it or not. This is your life. You know what’s good for you and remember, self love takes strength. You need to LOVE yourself when you’re tired of others opinions, LOVE yourself when you’re weak and vulnerable, LOVE yourself when you’re confused, LOVE yourself when you’re broken from inside, But most importantly Love yourself until you’re RESTORED and when that happens, bounce back with the same confidence.
        Always remember people love an artist’s work because he loves his work. Be yourself and people will automatically like you for the better and happy person that you are. There will be no reason to pretend.
        Whenever you feel de-motivated tell yourself that ‘My Imperfections make me beautiful’
        Thank you…




        On 17th September the Eco-Trinitians did a completely different tree plantation. Everything used for the plantation was nature friendly. The idea was to solely rely on biodegradable products for plantation. We made use of cocopeat disc – a by-product of coconut husk fiber as a seed starter. This disc was placed in a coir pot which disintegrates completely and transforms into organic matter on decomposing. On adding a little bit of water the disc expands to its maximum size. A seed ball made of clay, compost and seeds were put in it and some more water was added. The benefits of using cocopeat disc are that it reduces water consumption, retains water for a long time, has a customized size and does not need fertilizers. Once the seeds sprout we can simply dig and transplant the whole coir pot into the ground or re-pot it in a big container, without the hassle of coiling and tangling of roots. This activity enlightened all of us on the never-ending benefits of this excellent planting material and making it one of the most sustainable planting options.

        -By Eco-Trinitians

      • I opened a book

        I opened a book…
        The cover felt cozy between my fingers,
        As I read the first page, a musty smell around me lingered.
        I opened a book….
        Words became phrases;
        Phrases became sentences.
        Sentences became paragraphs.
        Soon enough the words disappeared taking me with them,
        To a world of fantasy
        A world where no one knew me
        I opened a book….
        Began a new life
        With strangers that became friends
        And friends that became foes
        I met Wizards and gods
        I fought ogres and monsters
        I felt pain and joy
        I opened a book….
        The pages cut my fingers
        The words cut my heart
        With that the book came to an end
        My broken heart I couldn’t heal
        But it was always a book
        Never real

        -By Vedika Desai

        Std – IX


        The only thing in news for the past four days was the global climate strike started by a Swedish teen Greta Thunberg. Our Eco-trinitians took inspiration from her and joined the climate strike-not on the streets but on screens. This initiative was a drive to spread awareness about the excessive use of fossil fuels, create a just world and end the era of fossil fuels. Every pupil urged their parents to change their profile pictures on all social media sites for a week that is from 20th of September to 27th September 2019. Every pupil who changed their profile picture was told to persuade three other pupils to change theirs. This created a chain reaction that helped in getting a lot of attention towards this global crisis.

        -By Eco-Trinitians


        According to you, are books better than movies? Well this is actually an easy answer for us, as we bookworms would always opt for books. But this can be proved easily too.
        Books create a picture in our mind which helps expand our imagination while a movie shows a picture and restricts our image. Movies are of restricted duration, so they can show only limited information while books give us a lot of information of the characters and the plot. Books allow the reader to be a part of it, observing the plot develop and the characters unfold with detailed background information, thereby developing imagination and creativity. It is extremely difficult to depict every scene written visually. Moreover, characters in books cannot be ruined because of bad acting or poor direction. Movies are censored by the censor board whereas authors have no restrictions on their imagination.
        Furthermore books are portable and can be read anywhere with or without electricity whereas movies can be watched only with electricity or Wi-Fi. Books don’t harm our eyesight as much as the screen does. Books improve our spellings and we have enough time to search the meaning of words. When watching a movie we can’t risk missing a scene, as it may be important, but in books we just have to put in a bookmark and continue reading as per our convenience.
        Books are a man’s best friend in all ages and a great companion to have in solitude.



      • The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothan # Ek bar Phir

        The Plastic Recyclothan: Ek baar phir was launched by Project Mumbai again this year. Trinity International School participated in this unique initiative whole heartedly this year as well. All the students donated their plastic waste on 7th Oct 2019 to school. This plastic waste was collected by project Mumbai volunteers from school premises. This plastic waste that is collected from all over Mumbai will then be recycled into amenities like benches and waste bins for our city. Keeping in mind the festival of giving – Daan utsav, Trinity International School has once again played an important role in changing lives and making a better environment.

        -By Eco-Trinitians

      • Chandrayaan – 2 – a Forager in space

        On 22nd July, 2019, India took a giant step into shaping its future and making history. India launched its second lunar exploration mission developed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) – Chandrayan 2 into space. Millions of Indians watched it zoom towards the sky and ready to explore the moon.
        It began its quest after being connected to the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III (GSLV III) which took it to the orbit of the Earth. Its aim was to study the moon and make a soft landing on the south pole of the moon.
        Chandrayaan 2 attempts to foster a new age of discovery, increase our understanding of space, stimulate the advancement of technology, promote global alliances and inspire our future generation of explorers and scientists.
        The 7th of September, was going to be the final moment we Indians had been waiting for Chandrayaan II was finally attempting to make a soft landing on the southpole of the Moon. The scheduled time was 1:55am. Millions of Indians were viewing exclusive coverages from the ISRO Headquarters, but due to some technical difficulties, the signal was lost at 8:00am. The chief of ISRO – Mr K Sivan said that the Chandrayan 2 mission will motivate our scientists and intensify their thirst of curiosity. Many famous celebrities and politicians tweeted that India is proud of our Scientists and has established its name amongst the top leaders.
        We, as Indians should really be proud of our accomplishment and be inspired to create something even better and make our country proud.

        -By Aakash Shenoy

        Std -IX


        I didn’t want to die so soon. I cried. I pleaded. I begged. I mourned. He didn’t care. He kept coming ahead, taking one step at a time. I crawled behind, too tired to walk now. I screamed for help, begged him to leave me but he didn’t pay any heed. The footsteps kept getting louder as he approached me with slow and steady steps, as to prevent any mistake. He had a merciless expression on his face which could be made the epitome of danger. Even his footsteps echoed danger.
        He thrust forward a pointed knife with faded but visible blood stains on it. I gave a small gasp. Panic stricken, I crawled back further, not ready to give up. Sweat trickled down my forehead and streamed down to accompany my tears. I was blank; I couldn’t do anything. Perhaps I was destined to die now. He tiptoed forwards. I caught hold of a vase nearby and tried to bang it on it forehead but missed it. He was too quick. I tried again. This time, the vase missed his forehead but made a deep cut on his cheek. Blood trickled down his cheek as he screamed in absolute pain. He was off guard and vulnerable now. He slumped back on the ground as I ran for my life towards the door. I pushed him back with as much force as I could. I tried to open it but I couldn’t. I tried again and realized it was locked from above. I was too late. As I was unlocking the door, he gained back his senses and composure along with his authority over me and approached me again, now with the desperation of a ferocious and hungry lion. He groaned, desperation and anger pouring down his mouth. He locked the door again and turned towards me; while my faith and hope turned their backs towards me as the urgency of the situation kept increasing. I was shivering in fright now, begging for mercy. He paid no heed. He caught hold of my waist with one hand and shut my mouth with the other. I was pushed down on the floor. He grabbed and pulled my hair as I tried to escape again. I screamed. I knew I couldn’t do anything now. I was trapped. All my energy had been used up by my unsuccessful attempts to save myself. I didn’t have any energy or hope left in me now. I was exhausted. Migraine, nausea, cardiac arrest- it felt like everything had hit me. Perhaps that’s what death really feels like. I closed my eyes, begged him to leave me one last time even though I was hopeless and muttered god`s name one last time as he pierced the knife through me…
        “Cut!”Fantastic shot!” the director said after he rolled back the camera. The scene had finally been shot after 7-8 takes. I felt relieved as the murder sequence of the film I was shooting for was finally over

        -By Sukriti Sinha

        Std VIII


        It was drizzling heavily that day. Heavy winds swooshed through the trees, making them tremble as if they would fall any moment. People dreaded to leave their homes and come out in this stormy night when they could stay at home covered in warm blankets with hot cups of tea in their hands. But the scene wasn’t the same for Veronica’s parents.
        A few hours back, Veronica’s mother Isabel, had gone to her 6 year old wonderful daughter`s room to give her her snacks but had found her to be missing. She had thought of it as a joke as Veronica used to play a lot of Hide & Seek with her mother sometimes. But Veronica never used to get out of her room while playing it. But this time, she hadn’t hid in her room…
        After checking the room twice for Veronica, Isabel frantically searched the whole house but couldn’t find any trace of Veronica. Her husband wasn’t picking up the call either. She dreaded the worst but somewhere deep down, she knew what was coming. She still didn`t give up hope. She rechecked the whole house but was left disappointed. She called up her neighbors to ask if Veronica had been wandering around their homes by any chance but everyone cut the call the very moment they heard Veronica’s name. Veronica had always been naughty. Her neighbors dreaded her too, Isabel thought. She silently cursed her neighbors under her breath.
        After losing all hope, Isabel called up the police to lodge a missing complaint for Veronica. As soon as the police reached, she gave them all the details of Veronica – her skin color, details of her almond shaped eyes, rose cheeks and the lips who were always curled up into a smile. She told them she was 6 years old and was last seen in a lavender shaded dress.
        ‘Tring! Tring!’, the bell rang. Isabel hurried towards the door – still not losing hope. It was her husband. When he came, Isabel hugged him and started crying. She told him about their missing angel. Her husband, Alex, looked confused at first but then worry engulfed him. Seeing his wife in such a state, he forcefully tugged reluctant Isabel in bed and gave her some medicine and water, comforting her by promising that everything will be alright now that he is here. Isabel couldn’t do much, the medicines now taking control of her body.
        “We don’t have a daughter. She died 2 years back. She was 6 years old then.” He said, while closing the door for the police officers and apologizing for the confusion created. Having said that, he put the anti-hallucination pills back in the cabinet, which he had given to his wife just a couple of minutes back.

        -By Sukriti Sinha

        Std VIII


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